Creepy Family Tree of Fear or Useful Genealogy Website?

There is a new "genealogy" website that is causing a great deal of controversy,  While this free website claims to "have one of the largest collections of genealogy records anywhere" it is not your ordinary genealogy website. What FamilyTreeNow has done is to gather from public records and other legally available sources data on your and your family and make it available to anyone who want to find it. This information may include age, birth month, addresses (both past and present), family members, "associates", and phone number and makes this information on you available to anyone for free. This means that your personal information is out there for anyone to look up including people who want to steal your identity, stalkers, ex-partners, and others. The website appears to be supported by ads but there were not very many seen.

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Read Our Genealogy Tips, Hints and 101 Topics for Beginners

Our website has a collection of tips, hints and how to do all things genealogy along with a number of topics designed to help beginners get started in their study of genealogy. Below is a list of articles in both categories. We encourage you to check out these resources to aid you in your research. Note that this may not be a comprehensive list as other information may be found under these headings.

We also encourage you to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. any additional tip and hints that we may have missed.

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Why YOU Should Join a Facebook Genealogy Group

There are myriad websites, historical societies, and other resources for the would-be genealogist to get help when starting out, or for experienced researchers to continue learning new things from their peers. One of the easiest options that may not occur to you is to join a Facebook genealogy group. Because any user can create a group, there are options for almost every subset of genealogy (geographical, linguistic, ethnic, etc.) you could think of.

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New Update for Family Tree Maker from MacKiev

A new free update for Family Tree Maker has been released from MacKiev, the new owners of this software. This update is recommended that every user of both FTM 2014 and Mac 3 to install. It offers better security in that you can add passwords to tree files you export. It is also more stable and has improved speed and responsiveness. If you are on their Mailing List  you should have received notice of this update.

This update is for registered user of Family Tree Maker 2014 or Mac 3. There are several steps to follow in order to download the update including viewing at a series of items MacKiev has for sale (although you are not required to buy anything). You must also currently have FTM 2014 installed on the computer you are upgrading. They recommend that you install this update as a new program and to not use it to update your currently installed copy.

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Speaker's Handouts from General and Daytime Meetings

We generally have speakers at both our General and Daytime Meetings. When the speakers provide handouts and allows us to put them on our website, these are made avaiable in our Member's Blog area . In order to access this are, you must be logged into the website. Once logged in, the CFGS Community menu will be displayed and you will see the Member's Blog menu under that heading.

The form these handouts take will depend on the speaker. They may be summarized in an article or be available for download in PDF formats from a link. If there is a link, when you click on it the handout should open in your browser. You can then used File --> Save As in the browser to save the PDF file.



Home Networking Explained: Everything You Need to Know from CNET

Have you tried to setup a home network but did not know what you were doing, Do you know the difference between Wi-FI and the internet? What is the difference between a router, switch and a hub? What about a DSL modem and cable modem?

If you have problems with these terms, CNET has you covered, They have published (actually updated) a comprehensive nine part article on home networking. The first part covers general topics like wired networking, wireless networking, more on wireless networking and power line networking. Parts 2 - 9 explain things in greater detail.

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Notes for Ann Osisek's presentation "My Family Were Methodists - Or Were They? Using Religious Records"

The notes for Ann's presentation are available in our Members' Blog. You can find this after logging into our website under CFGS Community in the menu.

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