March 2017 German SIG Notes

Here is the link to the article on German immigration that I promised at our meeting on March 9, 2017

Also you can find the article that Mark Swink wrote in Buried Treasures Vol 48 No. 2. All Buried Treasues issues are available from the Local Resources Menu however, you must be logged in to see the most recent issues including this one.


For the next meeting I would like to discuss our use of technology if that is ok. I seem to be the only person I know who uses Legacy Family Tree for my family tree. I tend to only use Ancestry at the library but am thinking of getting a subscription and would like to discuss the various options. I know some of the online resources are free but am confused by all of the options. And how many of us are using the CFGS website and/or Facebook group? Would it be helpful to post this sort of information on either of those? Does email like this work better? If everyone comes prepared to talk about which online and other technological resources they use, I think it would be beneficial.


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