2009 Computer Genealogy Notes

December 5, 2009
Facebook is used for many genealogy surname groups, software users, genealogy societies and more Facebook Genealogy Group
Footnote was looked at as an alternative to some of ancestry.com's databases
1saleaday.com (One Sale a day) has incredible bargains (often free)
Microsoft now offers FREE combination antivirus, anti-spyware, anti-malware product called Microsoft Security Essentials
Other Software discussed
RootsMagic Group on Facebook
The Master Genealogist
Search for "genealogy" in Yahoo Groups (and there are nearly 40,000 (plus several hundred more for people who misspell it as "geneology")


October 3, 2009
More Google tools were examined for their usefulness for genealogists, including news archives, images, maps, books, and more
Also we checked into the people search engines;
Pipl claims to be the most comprehensive people search which revels a lot more about a person than their phone number and address. public records, photos, archives web pages and more.
123people.com also includes the social network identities of people, plus biographies, web links, even Amazon wish lists.
Another useful search tool puts its results in useful groups is Clusty


August 1, 2009
We looked at some of the sites on Family Tree Magazine's top 101 sites for 2009
Sharing and searching for photos
Ancient Faces  
Dead Fred
Obtaining document at Family Search
Cook County IL
Social networks
Special Collections at Access Genealogy and Footnote
Digital collections


June 6, 2009
We looked at the newest search engine from Microsoft called BING 
Facebook has become very popular in finding new cousins 
Wolfram Alpha is a website with unusual results for studying names 
Techbite's Steve Bass has great advice and tools for computer users
Update Notifier helps keep software fresh with latest revisions and upgrades
We saw how the tools in the Google Pack of programs can be used in family research


April 18, 2009
RootsMagic4 - a look at the newly released Version 4 compared to Legacy 7
Browse and find old photographs 
Free, licensed software
Search for and view online pictures and images using Cool Iris


February 7, 2009
Online document images available at the "pilot"" site of familysearch.org
"County and state histories on CD" includes books and publications available for purchase on CDs
Online state records which include images for free are Arizona, West Virginia , and Georgia 
(Plus many more - Check individual states for new online sites for vital records images online.)
Top 10 genealogy software packages for 2009
We looked at Ancestral Quest software

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