Garden of Life Cemetery

Other Names:
Property Address:
Coordinates: Latitude:, Longitude: -
Number of Named Graves (in survey): 98
Number of Unnamed Graves (in survey):
Oldest Date of Death on a Tombstone: 1959
Original Information: Go west on Highway 50 to Kirkman Road. Turn left on Kirkman. Go to Old Winter Garden Road, turn right. Go three miles to Woodlawn Cemetery Road, turn left. Go to Morton Jones Road, turn right. Go .3 of a mile. The cemetery is on the right. Garden of Life (Congregation of Liberal Judaism, N. of Gotha) Cemetery (36 22 28 0000 00003 -- 5 acres in NW corner of NE 1/4 of NE ¼ & 18' on the west; Tax Ex.)

2014 Notes:

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