Palm Cemetery

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Original Information: Note: Palm Cemetery is located at 1005 N. New York Ave., Winter Park, FL 32789 and is owned by the City of Winter Park. As early as 1883, Palm Cemetery was on land privately owned by Loring A. Chase. Then known as Chase Cemetery, the land accepted burials as early as 1898 which is the earliest recorded burial on the property. In April 1906, the 17-acre property was officially deeded to the City of Winter Park by Mr. Chase, who was buried in Palm Cemetery on August 24 the same year. You can find his monument, a marble obelisk over five feet tall, in the southeast corner of the cemetery. The inscription memorializes his historical importance to the city as "One of the founders of Winter Park in 1886."

The City of Winter Park provides both an Online Burial Search that allows up to date information and also a Smartphone App allows you to locate a grave space right from your phone, using GPS to navigate you through the cemetery for Palm and Pineywood Cemeteries. For more information see the City of Winter Park's website.

NOTE: Only surnames from M to Z have been entered into the database as of Aug. 15, 2015. The remainer will be added at a future data.

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