Vineland Cemetery

Vineland Cemetery Monument

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Coordinates: Latitude:, Longitude: -
Number of Named Graves (in survey): 4
Number of Unnamed Graves (in survey):
Oldest Date of Death on a Tombstone: 1934
Original Information: Take I-4 to 535, go north on Apopka-Vineland Rd to Fenton St. Right on Fenton St. The town of Vineland has no post office. These names are all that are in the cemetery. There are a few graves without names. (Keen, Jackson I & Morgan, E. B., Trustees. 15 24 28 5844 00100, Orlando 32802. Munger Land Co., E/3 7 22 & 23; Lot 11) (28.40586, -81.50141)

Note: The address is 8652 Fenton St, Orlando, Florida (28.40578,-81.50162). The cemetery is 50' feet from Fenton St, which is an unpaved road in the Lake Buena Vista area, near Disney. It is on the south side of Fenton St, about .4 mile east of Apopka Vineland Rd. The cemetery was originally called Orange Center, as was the town.

This cemetery was an Eagle Scout project about 2010. The area was cleared and fenced with wrought iron fencing. A monument was erected, stones straightened and paths laid out to cemetery. The cemetery has not been maintained. In 2014, the cemetery is unmarked and the path barely visible. Palmettos and other undergrowth are overtaking the area, though the cemetery is still fenced and is reasonable condition. The McGinnis stones have been moved by their family so only the Ludwig & Foster stones remain. Oral history indicates that there were a number of burials here that have no stones or other indicators of location. The land is now owned by a corporation.

2014 Notes:

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