Powell Cemetery

Other Names:
Property Address:
Coordinates: Latitude:, Longitude: -
Number of Named Graves (in survey): 38
Number of Unnamed Graves (in survey): 12
Oldest Date of Death on a Tombstone: 1880
Original Information: On the south end of Orlando, located on South Orange Avenue near Lake Jennie Jewell, is the Isaac Powell pioneer family cemetery, where the Powells and their families are interred. (28.50018, -81.37637)

Note: The address is 3858 S. Orange Avenue, on the west side of the road - across from the Oak Water Medical complex. Cemetery is about 0.9 mile south of Michigan Ave and 0.4 mile north of Holden Ave. Orange County has fenced and now maintains this cemetery. The CFGS book, Powell Cemetery: Its "residents" and their families, presents an in depth look at this tiny pioneer cemetery.

2014 Notes:

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