New Update for Family Tree Maker from MacKiev

A new free update for Family Tree Maker has been released from MacKiev, the new owners of this software. This update is recommended that every user of both FTM 2014 and Mac 3 to install. It offers better security in that you can add passwords to tree files you export. It is also more stable and has improved speed and responsiveness. If you are on their Mailing List  you should have received notice of this update.

This update is for registered user of Family Tree Maker 2014 or Mac 3. There are several steps to follow in order to download the update including viewing at a series of items MacKiev has for sale (although you are not required to buy anything). You must also currently have FTM 2014 installed on the computer you are upgrading. They recommend that you install this update as a new program and to not use it to update your currently installed copy.

After installation, when a linked tree is opened in the new edition for the first time it will be converted to a new format; UNCHECK the "convert a copy" box so you convert the ORIGINAL tree instead. This is to be 100% sure that the tree's Ancestry link moves with it. Your old version of the software can be removed after you know the new version is working.

You can find more information on the update here.


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