Magnolia Homes Cemetery

Other Names: Magnolia Cemetery, Magnolia Holmes Road CemeteryMagnolia Homes Cemetery gate looking East on driveway

Owner: F. B. Boyd, C/O Miriam Boyd Hammond, Smithfield, NC (from Orange Co. Prop. Appraiser)

Operator: Unknown

Property Address: Riverside Park Drive

Directions: From Magnolia Homes Road turn west onto Riverside Park Drive. Riverside Park Drive continues west at a PRIVATE DRIVEWAY but the road, Woodlake Dr. quickly turns left (south). The entrance to the cemetery is on the south side of the private driveway and the cemetery is west of Woodlake Drive into the apartment complex and north of the first apartment building which is on the right. It is heavily wooded and can be recognized from the road by a wire fence and a few white wooden marked may be seen depending on the undergrowth. Measuring down the Riverside Park Drive / driveway it is 200 yards from Magnolia Home Road to the gate. The above photograph shows the entrance gate (on right) and was taken looking due east down a path that is an extension of Riverside Park Dr. See map below.

Legal Description: BEG 531.83 FT W OF NE COR RUN W 80 FT S 80 FT E 80 FT N 80 FT TO POB IN SEC 32-21-29 (from Orange Co. Prop. Appraiser)

Size: 0.15 acres

Coordinates: 28.625536, -81.429242

Number of Named Graves (in survey): 24 plus one with no name.

Number of Unnamed Graves (in survey): Unknown - most permanent markers were gone in 2013

Oldest Date of Death on a Tombstone: 1921

1980s Survey Information: "Lockhart - These names were extracted in 1956. No cemetery can be found in June of 1983. The post office in Lockhart has no record of a Magnolia Cemetery."

During this survey, this cemetery was revisited in March of 1984 and the following was recorded. "From the intersection of Mott Ave. and Edgewater Drive in Lockhart, go east on Edgewater (toward Orlando) for 8/10 of a mile to Magnolia Homes Road. Turn left (north) and go 6/10 of a mile to the entrance of a subdivision. There is a sand road that runs parallel to the subdivision. Turn left (west) and continue 1/10 of a mile. The cemetery is on the left. In March of 1984 there were no stones or markees left. The pillars that marked the boundary of the cemetery remain. The dates on page 23 of this book [i.e. the 1980s survey] are from 1956 cemetery census."

2014 Notes: The cemetery is heavily wooded and overgrown. There is a wire fence around it with a gate on the north side with a No Trespassing sign on it. A few markers can be seen but most appear to be wooden. When visiting, it is best to park beside the road just as it turns south or, turn right into the first parking lot and park on the west side of the building. The private driveway that the gate is on runs behind the apartment building. It was visited on 16 Aug. 2014.

The following directions are from a 2000 USGenWeb Project survey and that website has information on additional burials there. "Take Edgewater Dr. and head towards Magnolia Homes Rd. Turn right onto Magnolia Homes Rd. and follow it down to the stop light at the intersection of Magnolia and Riverside Park Rd. (Gas station on the corner.) Turn left at the light and follow the road to the left (Woodlake Drive?) and the cemetery is in a small wooded section inside the apartment complex. There are no headstones only a couple grave markers that are left."

Additional interments are shown from Find A Grave and USGenWeb. An additional person, Norman Richard "Dick" Spicer (1938-2007), is shown in Find A Grave but he is also shown in another local cemetery with photos of a marker so it is believe he was buried there and the Magnolia Homes Cemetery entry is erroneous. Link: They list this cemetery as Magnolia Holmes Road Cemetery in the Lockhart area northwest of Orlando.

Below: Map of Magnolia Homes Cemetery 2014 and view from Northeast corner  looking into cemetery

Magnolia Home Cemetery Aerial 2014


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