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The Board for Certification of Genealogists in their SpringBoard Blog has stated "we must at least consider genetic genealogy as part of our reasonably exhaustive research. Not all projects require DNA testing, but some will benefit from it, and others will be difficult to pursue without it. We can't ignore the value of genetic testing as a research tool. Let's learn how to use it!" Toward the goal of understanding and using DNA in genealogy they say that "the single best way of learning is to test yourself and numerous family members and then explore the results using the tools at the vendor(s)' website". They also listed a number of resources and publication to learn more about DNA testing and how to use it in your research. You can find their article and list in their Dec. 3, 2015 Blog Post titled Genetic Genealogy Education.

Choosing a Genealogy Software Program Webinar

If you are using the discontinued genealogy software programs Family Tree Maker or The Master Genealogist and want to change, or if you are just beginning to research your family tree you will want to watch this new webinar from American Ancestors by NEHGS.

At first it seems easy enough to remember who you are researching and what you have accomplished. However, quickly you discover that you have a number of individuals and are beginning to compile a list of research tasks that you need to accomplish. Before you get too many names and records, you will want to consider acquiring a genealogy software package.

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Researching Your African American Ancestors

This article was prepared by the NEHGS.

Researching African American ancestors presents a unique challenge, but NEHGS has the tools you need to get started. In honor of Black History Month, please enjoy free access to five useful databases, and join us in uncovering the stories of fascinating African American lives hidden in our archives.

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Two Website to Help You Use Your Digital Devices: Computers, Laptops, Tablets, Smartphones and Cameras

learn-computersIf you are new to computers, haven't used them for a while, are a little unsure and uncomfortable, or just need a bit of a refresher and need a simple way to learn? Not sure how to use email or do a simple search? Or, do you just want to learn how to use Facebook or email?

If so, we have two websites just for you. Both are free and offer a variety of easy to follow tutorials on topics that will help you learn to use your digital devices and the applications that come on them. Whether you are new to the computer, returning for review or just want to gain more 21st century skills, these free online websites can help. The categories of training offered include: Computers, Email. Internet, Online Safety, Devices, Searching, Photos and Graphics plus using Social Media like Facebook, Instagram, Skype, Twitter and others.

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Why YOU Should Join a Facebook Genealogy Group

There are myriad websites, historical societies, and other resources for the would-be genealogist to get help when starting out, or for experienced researchers to continue learning new things from their peers. One of the easiest options that may not occur to you is to join a Facebook genealogy group. Because any user can create a group, there are options for almost every subset of genealogy (geographical, linguistic, ethnic, etc.) you could think of.

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