Introduction to DNA for Genealogy Video

Family historians are presented with many tools in the category of Genetics and DNA. At 2014 Rootstech Jim Rader presented a session on Introduction to DNA for Genealogists. This hour long session introduces the concepts and methods used in applying DNA results to Genealogy pursuits. We showed this video at one of our general meetings last year with the speaker's permission. It will help you understand the concepts and options for DNA testing whether you are new to DNA testing or simply need a refresher. 

I was unable to locate his handout as links to it no longer work but the video is still available for viewing.

Free PDF Download: 100+ Internet Search Queries for Genealogists

From Genealogy by Barry - Barry J. Ewell writes on the topics of genealogy & family history.

Download the PDF "Free PDF Download: 100+ Internet Search Queries for Genealogists" for free.

This tutorial provides 100+ valuable internet search queries you can use as a genealogists to effectively conduct research on your favorite search engine such as Google, Bing, Yahoo and more. You will be more effective and find more family faster. Download Link

Google Power Search: How to Search by a Date Range and Why You Might Want To

From Dick Eastman's Online Genealogy Newsletter May 20, 2015. Used by permission.

There's a lot more you can do with Google than just searching the entire Internet. For instance, you can search for web pages added to Google's indexes within a range of dates. The most common use for this is to look for pages added within the past 30 days or perhaps within the past week.

For instance, I have an elusive "brickwall ancestor" that I have been trying to identify for years: Washington Harvey Eastman. Unfortunately, his three names are not unusual although the combination of those three names is a bit unique. If I simply enter his name into a Google search, I receive many "hits," including a few from newsletter articles I have written.

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Digital Newspaper Archive Databases

The blog Genea-Musings recently published an article linking to a spreadsheet someone had complied containing links to newspaper archives. This spreadsheet has over 13,000 collections, mainly from Genealogy Bank,,,, Old Fulton Post Cards, Google News Archives and Elephind. You can find the spreadsheet at however, you must log into Google to see or download it.

The Online Historical Newspapers Website is another place whee you can also find links to all the online historical newspapers.

The Accidental Revelations of Sanborn Maps

sanborn-mapI came across an interesting article today on the website City Lab (from The Atlantic magazine) about Sanborn Maps. The article is titled Accidental Revelations of Sanborn Maps: How maps created for fire insurers show the evolution of cities. Although the article is over 6 months old, I found it very interesting.

Sanborn Maps were originally created to aid fire insurance companies. Today these historic maps can be very useful for genealogy. I encourage you to read the article and then check out Sanborn Maps at the Library of Congress website. Additionally, Lisa Louise Cook has a short video on YouTube on Using Sanborn Fire Maps for Genealogy and Family History.

Using Metadata for Digital Images

Photo Properties Details TabWhat if you could store information about a file such as a description, the author, keywords, etc., and associate it with the file so it is always available? What if you could easily search on your computer for all photos with a certain person in them? By using a file's metadata you will be able to do just that! It is a valuable means of managing any data and it is very easy to do once you know how. Basically, metadata is data about data and is a way of classifying and organizing files – including digital images.Below are three different tools to help you use metadata for your digital images.

To learn how to do this watch this free Webinar, Metadata for Digital Images, by Thomas MacEntee sponsored by Flip-Pal mobile scanner. You will learn a ton of information that will help you document your digital images. I give this one *****.

After watching the video, read The Legal Genealogist's article An image citation how-to where she talks about a favorite program Irfanview.

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FamilySearch Regional Facebook Research Groups

Familysearch Regional Groups on Facebook

The FamilySearch regional research groups on Facebook were created to be collaborative environments where individuals researching the same general location could help one another reach their family history goals through asking and answering questions, sharing helpful resources and information.These groups are not only cover regional areas the United States but individual states and other nations. 

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